Devin Corporation has served a number of major clients in the region and has formed lasting partnerships over the years. Below are a few of our clients and or partners.

Liberia Chamber of Commerce and UNDP Liberia – arranged National Symposium on the Global Financial Crisis and its effect on the Liberian economy.

Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, Liberia – Analysis of due diligence reports on bids for Western Cluster mining assets.

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, R.L. - (developed three-years strategic plan [2015 ? 2018] inclusive with individual annual work-plans and launch of performance management framework).

African Development Bank (AfDB) - (served as lead facilitator for capacity building workshops in Ethiopia and South Sudan for large scale natural resource contracts and concessions negotiations).

Business Development Services & Incubator - (served as consultant in establishment of a SME-focused business development services provider, through funding from socially conscious investors).

Food and Enterprise Development (FED) - Provided training services for smallholders agribusinesses in small business management (accounts, marketing, branding/packaging, pricing).

GROW (Adam Smith International) - Conducted an in-depth analysis of the financial sector and mapping of financial products and services for agribusinesses.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) - (served as consultant in a mapping exercise to assess the needs of smallholder tree crop farmers and suppliers/service providers (SMEs) in Liberia for long term financing intended to also mitigate the significant economic consequences on livelihood to this sector resulting from the Ebola epidemic).

African Union - Helped design agriculture development plan for West Africa and Liberia.

Liberia Bankers Association - (served as Principal Consultant and advisor to the Association. Also oversaw the functions of the Secretariat of the Association and provided advice on strategic agenda for the Association).

Ministry of Agriculture, R.L. - (served as consultant in the review and revision of the financial aspects of the Liberia Agricultural Sector Investment Program (LASIP) under the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy, R.L. - (served as transaction advisor/consultant to support the development of enabling policy instruments for GOL to secure a sustainable fuel supply facility, an eventual credit guarantee facility for the Liberia Electricity Corporation).

Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy, R.L. - (served as consultant to review, analyze and summarize due diligence reports produced in connection with the Western Cluster Mines Bid Evaluation Process).

National Ports Authority/IMCC, R.L. - (served as consultant to the National Ports Authority (NPA) and Inter Ministerial Concessions Committee (IMCC) on the concessioning of the Freeport of Monrovia).

National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) - (served as consultant to the company in development and implementation of its local content policy/strategy for Liberia).

National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASCORP) - (serving as consultant in its reform process involving amendments to the enabling Act, structure and functions of the corporation and development of a five (5) year (FY 2014-2018) strategic plan).

UNDP - (served on a team of consultants in developing a step by step handbook for formulation and implementation at the national level a plan for harnessing extractive industries for human development in Sub-Saharan Africa).

UNDP - (served as National Consultant to the United National Development Program in Liberia in the preparation of the 2010 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Review and Report for Liberia).

UNDP/Ministry of Commerce & Industry, R.L. - (served as Consultant in the development of a three (3) year strategic plan for the Ministry of Commerce & Industry covering the period 2011 to 2014).

World Bank/Land Commission - (served as consultant in the preparation of the Project Completion Report for the Land Right Registration Project funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Land Commission, Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy and the Center for National Documents and Records Agency).

MWH Americas Inc., Washington D.C. - Collaborated on a US$20 million proposal to the United States International Development Agency (USAID) on the LESSP energy project for Liberia.

Broad Cove Partners, USA - serving as consultant and partner in the establishment of a housing finance company in Liberia.

iBurst Global, South Africa - serving as consultant and partner in the establishment of a subsidiary of this ICT company in Liberia.

La Cour Hotels, Nigeria - served as consultant in the establishment of this hospitality company in Liberia. Also providing advisory services in a privatization transaction the company is bidding for in Liberia.

Liberia Bankers Association - serving as Principal Consultant and advisor to the Association. Also oversees the functions of the Secretariat of the Association and provide advice on strategic agenda for the Association.

Liberia Bank for Development & Investment - serving as consultant on various strategic initiatives of the Bank.

Oando Supply & Trading, Nigeria - serving as consultant to the company on the establishment and strategic direction of its operations in Liberia.

Standard Bank of South Africa Group - serving as Advisor and Broker in Liberia for the Standard Bank Group.

Affiliate Companies

  1. Ducor Financial Services
  2. Business Incubator Services
  3. Business Development Service & Incubator Incorporated (BDS&I) – collaborating on the establishment of a BDS Center in Monrovia


  1. Safeway Cargo Handling Services
  2. ECO Homes, Inc

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